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Vintage green chiffon lampshade

£80.00 (Sold out)

This shade is amazing! it has a very unusual frame shape - a scallop base oval in shape, and a rectangular oval top ring - it is wide and narrow, which is perfect if you want it to fit flat near a wall.  The green chiffon has been expertly pleated down the frame, and then topped witha complex dark golden trim, the base has a more simple trim in gold braid. Inside, the lining is a pleated white silky fabric. This pale lining ensures the light given when lit is a warmer and paler shade of green and adds such a lovely vintage vibe to any room, could even be a talking point! It has a duplex fitting meaning it can be either used as aceiling shade (spider fitting needed) or as a small standard lampshade or large desk lamp shade (shade carrier needed, both of which are available from this shop). A wonderful shade, hard to let go!
Height - 33cm, width base side to side - 40cm, depth base - 20.5cm, top side to side 25.5cm, top depth - 12.5cm
Vintage condtion - really good, one section of top braid slightly undone but is on the side so unseen, a fantastic shade