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Large and lovely pink Vintage chiffon pleated mid century lampshade

£115.00 (Sold out)

This lampshade makes a statement in size but it adds lovely soft and warm lighting to any room. A large frame (see sizes below) the chiffon has been beautifully pleated from the top and pulled down and gathered around the base ring. The frame is slightly oval in shape with a fluted base, and it has a duplex fitting meaning it can be used for either a ceiling shade or as a standard lampshade (you will need either a spider or shade carrier fitting). Inside the pink lining has also been pleated. The trim around the top rings is a pink gimp and around the base is a luxurious pink tassell and looped fringe. Its large but not loud - lovely.
Size: Height - 45.5cm, with tassel 49cm, top ring side to side - 30cm, front to back - 21cm, base ring side to side - 58cm, front to back 48cm
Vintage condition - overall in very good condition, it is sound and clean. However there are a few white spots on the fabric (see image) and there is paint missing from the frame in places.