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Green gold vintage standard lampshade with lovely trim

£68.00 (Sold out)

This lampshade is a lovely shape and sets off a wonderful light in the room - more gold than green. The frame is a curved oval with a double ring at the base. It has a smart outer fabric, a slubby greeny/gold thick cotton, and inside it has been lined with a thick creamy fabric. The shade has the most wonderful trim - gold in colour with a thick true gold thread running through it. The trim along the base has been made to fit the frame and sets off this shade beautifully. The shade has a duplex fitting meaning it can be used as either a ceiling (pendant) shade (you will need a spider fitting for this) or as a standard lamp (you would need a shade carrier for this). A really wonderful lampshade and one of its kind.
Size: top side to side - 23cm, front to back - 16cm, base side to side - 36.5cm, front to back - 26cm, height - 34cm.
Vintage condition - the lining inside has one or two feint marks and the duplex ring has one or two areas of paint that have come off, the outside is in very good condition.