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Floral vintage standard lampshade

£58.00 (Sold out)

This is a wonderful lampshade for a standard lamp or ceiling (it has a 'duplex' fitting meaning it can be used for either). The fabric, a lovely cream with bright red and blue floral design, has been stretched across a really large frame with a classic scallop shape top ring. The shade has a simple cream braid around the top and a more complex trim along the base ring with a silky double looped fringe. A classic lovely vintage lampshade.
Size: Height - 39cm, top diameter - 36.5cm, base diameter - 57cm Stock level: 1
Vintage condition - there are a few issues here - not so clean trim and a stain on the outer fabric (see image detail), you can see the vertical lines rubbed against the outer fabric, but it is such a lovely vintage classic design it will look amazing anywhere it is positioned!