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Cream vintage lampshade with navy trim

£42.00 (Sold out)

This shade has a lovely and unusual shaped frame - it is an empire with a circular ring at the top and an oval scallop ring with large band at the base. Along this band are two lengths of navy trim, the lower one with added double looped silky trim. Around the top ring is also the navy trim. The fabric appears to be a thickish cotton, which has been stretched across the frame - there is no lining to this shade. The fitting is a standard UK fitting for standard lamp or large lamp base; it is not suitable as a ceiling or pendant lampshade.  We think this shade is from either the 1970s or 1980s. When lit, the shade gives a lovely warm light into the room.
Size: top ring diameter - 16cm, base - front to back - 25cm, side to side - 45.5cm Height - 35.5cm
Vintage condition - overall very good. The seams run slightly off the struts (see image) and there are a few little dark dots inside but thats all.