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Classic huge gold lampshade

£59.00 (Sold out)

A rectangular 'Pagoda' describes the shape of this particular frame - its a large rectangular frame with bowed side struts. Very tall and elegant, the fabric used here is gold slubby silk, stretched across the frame, and it has been topped with a woven golden colour trim, and tailed with a larger version of this but along with tassels of gold and cream threads.  The shade is lined with white stretch fabric, ensuring the internal workings or struts are hidden.  From the side, this shade is slim and tall, ensuring it fits nicely into a corner on a standard lamp, but it stands high and with its golden glow when lit, really adds warmth and ambience to any room.  The shade has a duplex fitting, so it requires a shade carrier for a standard lamp base or you can also use it as a pendant shade from the ceiling if you obtain a spider fitting.
Size: width top diameter: 36.5cm, top front to back diameter: 23cm, width base diameter: 46.5cm, width front to back: 32cm. Height: 40.5cm.
Vintage condition: Soft grey mark around 10cm running across one side but you can hardly see it, lining one or two spots but again you would never notice. A stunner.