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Welcome to the Lampshade Loft Blog

My name is Jane Warren and I love interiors - especially how they are lit up and enhanced by lovely lampshades. I make shades and teach you how to as well, so sign up and learn how to make them in your own choice of fabric.

In my blog here I offer tips on how to make the best lampshades - oversized, using paper, if to line or not and other random subjects all to do with shades!

Please read about my collaborations and inspirations on this blog, and sign up to receive my newsletter to hear more news and tips!


Why 2015 has been such a great year for the Lampshade Loft!

By Jane Warren, Dec 17 2015 11:33AM

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all my customers from 2015, it has been a pleasure! When I say customers, I don't just mean those of you who have kindly bought a shade from the webshop here at The Lampshade Loft but also to:

* those who have come along to learn lampshade making - I have now unleashed over 200 people who have learnt the art of shade making - from modern drums to classic traditional hand sewn styles - its great that there are so many more shade makers out there!

* the collaborators, namely the new design talent of Robyn Gates, a first-class honours degree textile student who needed someone to make shades to literally light up her wonderful creations, to the inimitable Zeena Shah - textile designer and screen printer extraordinaire who is so generous with her time, her information and you must not miss her fantastic book!

* the style setters - orders from such great places - Radio One offices, film production companies, the fantastic bar Cahoots in Soho to name a few

* the trade - from show homes to window displays, thank you for your commissions

* the fabulous and supportive friend Ingrid who runs Beloved Fabrics and - for her sins, and due to her many talents - built this lovely web shop for me and who has made it such a wonderful success for 2015.

For 2016, there are plans to have more drum shades available in the shop, more hand sewn items and also we have been collecting a great array of vintage shade carriers and other vintage shades - all will be in the shop for sale - thank you Jane

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