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Welcome to the Lampshade Loft Blog

My name is Jane Warren and I love interiors - especially how they are lit up and enhanced by lovely lampshades. I make shades and teach you how to as well, so sign up and learn how to make them in your own choice of fabric.

In my blog here I offer tips on how to make the best lampshades - oversized, using paper, if to line or not and other random subjects all to do with shades!

Please read about my collaborations and inspirations on this blog, and sign up to receive my newsletter to hear more news and tips!


The Lampshade Loft runner up in Needcraft Competition!

By Jane Warren, Jun 24 2015 11:31AM

My Penguin book cover shade
My Penguin book cover shade

I was so pleased to be one of the 5 runners up in Neecraft's lampshade maker competition. And being alongside 4 of the best makers is an honour too! Needcraft are the unsupassed supplier of all things lampshady in the UK and to me, there are two particular great things about them - first everything they supply is made in the UK, and second - their customer service is second to none.

So for a bit of self promotion, please read more HERE!

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