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Welcome to the Lampshade Loft Blog

My name is Jane Warren and I love interiors - especially how they are lit up and enhanced by lovely lampshades. I make shades and teach you how to as well, so sign up and learn how to make them in your own choice of fabric.

In my blog here I offer tips on how to make the best lampshades - oversized, using paper, if to line or not and other random subjects all to do with shades!

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Repairing a lampshade

By Jane Warren, Jan 2 2017 12:02PM

Often I get asked to repair a much loved lampshade - they perfectly fit their current lamp base after all and therefore it makes sense to use the current frame, and make a new cover and lining.

There is quite a lot of work involved - the current lining and outer cover are removed, sometimes the frames are rusty and need to be re-sprayed and then a new lining and outer cover made - in fact there is often more work than making a new lampshade! However it is worth it, but why do these shades fall into disrepair? it is worth looking after them, and here are some pointers:

* ensure you use a cool to the touch eco bulb to prevent scorching

* try and have a 5cm gap between the bulb and the lining - use a candle bulb which are slimmer?

* if your outer cover is made from silk, position the lampshade away from the window, light and sunlight not only fade the colour but the silk can rot too - there are wonderful silk mixed or faux silks available these days to use instead

* dust your shade from time to time using a feather duster

* handle the shade with care - they can get knocked each time someone puts the light fitting to off and on

Following these basic principles should ensure a longer life for your shade, but if it does need repairing please do get in touch! I ask my customers to: send me photos of their shade by email along with the dimensions plus an idea of what they would like - and I will then send you a quote by return.

Meanwhile - happy new year to all my customers and visitors - here is to a happy 2017!

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