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Welcome to the Lampshade Loft Blog

My name is Jane Warren and I love interiors - especially how they are lit up and enhanced by lovely lampshades. I make shades and teach you how to as well, so sign up and learn how to make them in your own choice of fabric.

In my blog here I offer tips on how to make the best lampshades - oversized, using paper, if to line or not and other random subjects all to do with shades!

Please read about my collaborations and inspirations on this blog, and sign up to receive my newsletter to hear more news and tips!


New vintage lampshades now added to the shop!

By Jane Warren, Nov 19 2014 03:04PM

Although I love making lampshades, especially those sewn by hand the old fashioned way, there is something wonderful about a vintage lampshade. When they were fashioned, they were seen as an integral part of the interiors decor, and you were no-one if you didnt possess at least one standard lamp stand in your living room.

Standard lamps are of course perfectly designed so that the shade would direct the light up towards the ceiling and then downwards so the the person sitting below could read perfectly without eye strain. This of course was before the advent of TV! Later, when floral fabrics were being used, often the lampshade wouldn't have a lining so that the vibrancy of the design would sing out to the room.

But now there is a resurgence of all things vintage and lampshades are not being overlooked either, My bestselling item? a floral Sanderson classic lampshade to sit aloft a wooden standard lamp.

Luckily there are now a few more in stock which you will find in my shop - please take a look for a trip down memory lane and to snap up a classic.

Mar 5 2017 09:52AM by Edna morris

I love this, beautiful!!!

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