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Welcome to the Lampshade Loft Blog

My name is Jane Warren and I love interiors - especially how they are lit up and enhanced by lovely lampshades. I make shades and teach you how to as well, so sign up and learn how to make them in your own choice of fabric.

In my blog here I offer tips on how to make the best lampshades - oversized, using paper, if to line or not and other random subjects all to do with shades!

Please read about my collaborations and inspirations on this blog, and sign up to receive my newsletter to hear more news and tips!


Lighting up a room - the right colour?

By Jane Warren, Oct 3 2016 03:12PM

These days, you can line a lampshade with all kinds of colours - bang on trend right now are copper and shiny bright colours of blue and gold, red and green. The drum lampshade has had a resurgence in being a central feature to many a room in interior design blogs and glossy mags, being placed low over kitchen work stations and dining tables. The drums are often plain on the outside but inside has been adorned with industial looking metals, bright, shiny (even when unlit). Popular too are the vintage-look blulbs, elements showing in large globes, beautifully hung from cotton covered cable in all kinds of colours.

These though are design elements only - and when I teach shade making I ensure that we discuss the light you wish to achieve in your rooms. Do you actually want a copper (ie off brown/orange) light in your room? isnt red going to look suspect? and green - make you feel a bit ill?!

The fact is, that whatever colour you have INSIDE your lampshade, will be the colour light ommited in your room. The bulb, when lit, will reflect the colour it is next to, downwards, upwards and outwards! Personally I like rosy glows and so choose cream or an off white linen inside the shade. Or if I love the floral fabric on the outside, I leave it unlined (if a hand sewn shade) or use a clear laminate inner for a modern drum and then the warm summer flowers drench your room in a light to match. And those bulbs? beautiful - I am a true fan - but they dont offer much light, so keep them as side lights!

The cream laminate interior of this shade saves us all from a ghostly blue!
The cream laminate interior of this shade saves us all from a ghostly blue!
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